Saturday, May 22, 2010


Lockerz is perhaps the most well known cash/prize site on the internet right now. You log in earn points or as they call them (PTZ) and with these points you can cash them in for prizes like a brand new ipad. Theres lots of ways for you to earn points.. when you log in you can click the date (bottom left), watch videos, buy stuff from their shop, or get your friends to join all of them give you about the same amount of points. If you want to use this site the first thing you MUST do is get on the Z-list you do this by getting 20 friends to join. As a Z-lister you get double points for everything you do and when lockerz has double days (every so often like 3 days a month or w/e lockerz offers double points for people who do stuff in that time) you get quad points so its easy to rack up points. Sounds to good to be true? well heres how it works... Before each video you watch they play a advertisement, when you log on to click the date you rank up their sites page rank making them more popular and in return getting them more members, when you buy stuff of their shop you get ALOT of points but at what cost? That cost is $260 for a pair of pants. And ofcorse when you invite friends and earn those points your friends can help lockerz earn so much more money just like you did. The prizes or should i say pixels since they are always out of stock on prizes (they are also always out of stock on wallpaper for your computer which involves small download) are crazy prices like the ipad which is currently 3675 PTZ (all the actions to get you points when not Z-list and not durning double pts gives you 2 points each so it would take you 1839 actions to get a $600 item while they crank in the money from the adverts. Sure the site is legit and has been proven to give out the prizes (if you are lucky enough to be logged on the second they update the stock and get super lucky by clicking faster then the speed of light) but its the matter of them making 25x what they give you that bothers me which is why i dont support the site but if you dont care about that then i wish you good luck on your quest for a prize from there. You need a invite to get into lockerz so go to youtube and type in lockerz invite and click a random video and give them your email (i would suggest making a fake email so the world doesnt spam your main email)

Thanks for reading ill have lots more soon!

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This blog will be used for helping you earn money online. I will spend long hours searching around the internet to find legit sites that give prizes or cash rewards for people using them. If you question any of the sites I post then please take 10 seconds to run a quick google search on the website to see what others say about it. Ill try and post as much info about each site as I can to help you get that $100 gift card or brand new ps3 as fast as you can click ;)