Tuesday, October 5, 2010


http://vocaroo.com/ is a site where you can record your voice and send it to your friends via a http link. If you want to send them some secret coded message or just yell "EFF YOU!" although most people use it to explain stuff and post them on their websites or sing to other creeps as if that counts as a social life. I would suggest adding this site to your favorites because you never know when you might need it.


Its a crude humor site in which a guy replys to craigslist advertisments and messes with the people for quick laughs. The first time i found this site i couldnt log off untill i read every email from the archive which took me a few hours since i fell out of my chair while laughing a few times. I would say its a must view but watch the kids if they are young because the site has alot of words you wont want to hear come out of their mouths.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Newspaper out of date or still good for free stuff?

Most people only buy the newspaper when they are going to paint a room in their house and use it to lay on the floor but what you might not look into is the lazy people who put ad's in it to do easy stuff for cash. This one guy awhile back paid my friend $20 to get rid of his old fridge which was still working good and even if it wasnt it could always be sold as scrap metal.


Just to be super honest with everyone. Dont trust shit. Someone emailed me about how he got scammed to hell in what he thought was a site he had a chance of winning a tv. Just to be clear DO NOT EVER give out any money to any site we want free shit not to pay $5 for a "chance" and dont give out your credit card numbers unless you want to go broke. Most online shit are just scamms so if you find a site you think you can get stuff from google it 3 ways like this

Way 1 - Http://www.ENTER_SITE_HERE.com/ scam

Way 2 - ENTER_SITE_HERE scam


that way you see the links of people who are claiming its a scam then you can read on. Also dont give out your emails because most "free shit" sites just add your emails to massive lists or sell them... or both.